about doodlegirl designs //


DoodleGirl Designs offers a line of super fun stuff for super fun people.  

cards // pencils // prints // gifts 

crafted in boulder, colorado by artist lisa garland... stationery addict + life-long hoarder of all things paper 

doodling is (and always has been) one of lisa's favorite things to do // from grocery lists to napkins, junk mail to paper bags, sandy beaches to snowy yards... her doodles are everywhere // by combining a love for paper and an intense need for doodling,  

DoodleGirl Designs is proud to say that each card is printed on recycled paper that is responsibly sourced // we also work with local vendors whenever possible, reducing our carbon footprint. 

we encourage you to join the revolution... put down your phone, dust off your favorite pen(cil) + send some snail mail, yo. // people will love you for it... promise.